Buy a sample of the possibly purest water in the world!

Teckna aktier i CWT och Type1water

Aktieägarna i Xzero erbjuds härmed att teckna aktier som sedan kan omvandlas till aktier i både Circular Water Technologies och Type1water, exakt motsvarande var och ens existerande innehav i Xzero.

Too many nanoparticles in your water?

Third party tests show that our technology removes nanoparticles better than state-of-the-art UPW equipment. We are now manufacturing a small number of demos to enable you to test it out in your own facilities.

Quality of the water

Nanocap is a desktop water purifier that will remove sub-10 nanometre particles better than state-of-the-art equipment. The purity is documented and proven by numerous 3rd party organisations including Horiba Scientific.


What will purer water do for your yield


Purer than state-of-the-art water for Life Science


Test results in removal of nanoparticles

Test results