Buy a sample of the possibly purest water in the world!


Xzero has developed a new technology to produce ultrapure water for the manufacturers of nanochips. The manufacturing of nanochips requires the highest level of purity in its process water and Xzero works with several of the leading companies and institutions in the industry.

Research and development has been performed in two locations. The first being at Xzero’s lab in Bromma outside of Stockholm. The second being a demonstration facility, which is installed at the municipal water treatment plant “Hammarby sjöstadsverk” in Stockholm, in collaboration with the Swedish Environmental Institute (IVL) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). For a number of years, Xzero has – based on its tests and experience – worked on developing a commercial product and has a number of high-level customers who are now awaiting delivery of the finished product.

Two years ago, one of these customers asked Xzero if we would be able to build a small lab module similar to the one already existing at Xzero’s laboratory in Bromma, at KTH and at some other research institutes in the world. The idea was that the customer would have the opportunity to develop peripherals, measurement methods, etc. which could then be commercialized in collaboration with Xzero.

Xzero accepted the customer’s request and decided to first build a copy of the existing and well-functioning lab equipment that had been sold to various international research institutes. However, after a market study, Xzero decided to develop a fully commercial lab unit that could be sold across the industry and not only to a few specific customers.

It turned out that most industrial companies and research institutions have several laboratories and that most of these need clean water. Based on the concept of better quality at a lower price, we saw a large market ahead of us.


Xzero therefore started a subsidiary to develop and market two specific products, Nanocap and Biocap. During the spring of 2021, this subsidiary – Type1water – was divided out to the shareholders of Xzero and became an independent public company with the rights to the technology and products in the field. Since then the first product Nanocap has been fully developed and three nanocap units have been produced. One is at imec for long term testing. One is used for refinement and R & D and the third is beeing prepared to be shipped to a customer for testing.

After collaboration with Bosch were a DFMA was made at least two production companies were identified for production of the Nanocap.