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Regarding purchase of shares in Type1water

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that hundreds of notification forms for the purchase of shares in Type1water have gone missing. This mainly applies to registration forms sent to us by post. We will try to find out why this has happened, to see if there is something wrong in handling, or if we can otherwise learn from the incident. But we want to be clear already now that even though the campaign is closed, we will send out invoices for all the notification forms that reach us. The terms offered are exactly the same terms offered in the campaign, even though it is officially closed.

We regret what has occurred and are now acting as quickly as possible to provide interested buyers with shares.

If you have questions and want to get in touch with us, you can reach us at or

Angående anmälan av köp av aktier i Type1water

Tyvärr har vi förstått att hundratals anmälningssedlar för köp av aktier i Type1water har kommit på villovägar. Det gäller främst anmälningssedlar som skickats till oss med posten. Vi kommer försöka ta reda på varför detta har skett, för att se om det är något fel i handhavande, eller om vi på annat sätt kan lära oss av händelsen. Men vi vill vara tydliga redan nu att även om kampanjen är stängd, kommer vi skicka ut avräkningsnotor för alla de anmälningar som når oss. Villkoren som erbjuds är exakt samma villkor som erbjöds i kampanjen, även då kampanjen nu är officiellt stängd.

Vi beklagar det som inträffat och agerar nu så snabbt som det går för att förse intresserade köpare med aktier.

Har man frågor och vill komma i kontakt med oss, når ni oss på eller

Nanocap test at imec

After only a few days of running the Nanocap in the lab at imec, we are showing some great result. The Nanocap is connected to a feed of imec ultrapure water. -“We are purifying their already pure ultrapure water”, says Miriam Åslin present at the tests.

Imec has an internal water purification system in the building to feed ultrapure water to their labs. The water is purified using legacy water purification technology, and they struggle with removing Silica, Sulphur and Phosphor to reasonable levels. Imec are well experienced in testing and evaluating water purification technology and states that no accurate measurement will occur until the tool has been rinsed for a month. This is common practice when measuring on this level. Most chemical molecules can be found in most places if your measuring equipment is sensitive enough, says one of the lab technicians at imec.

Ultrapure water at imec struggles will “high” levels of silica. High level in this case is 3-4 ppb. Part per billion. To make a comparison: “3-4 ppb” equals “3 mm compared to distance between Detroit and Boston”.

-“After only 2 days running, the Nanocap cut this 5 times to below 1 ppb which is great news! As is comes to sulphur and iron the leves are expected to go down over time. Imec is one of the leading research institutes for the semiconductor industry, why their endorsement would mean a lot to us”, says Andreas Tornblom, CEO of Type1water.

Erbjudande tom 30 juni, 2023

Inbjudan till evenemang och teckning av aktier i CWT aktier. 

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Capture and cap nanoparticles – Nanocap

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Nanocap sent to IMEC Leuven, Belgium

In the past few days, a Nanocap has been sent to IMEC Leuven.

IMEC Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC) is an international research and development organization, active in the fields of nanoelectronics and digital technology, with headquarters in Belgium. IMEC employs approximately 4,000 researchers from more than 90 countries; it has many facilities dedicated to research and development around the world.

IMEC is well known for its expertise in miniaturization and the applicability of nanotechnology in new industries. All the major semiconductor manufacturers work with IMEC, which is considered a world leader in nanoelectronics research.

“We have had a long relationship with IMEC and they have always shown interest in the water we can produce. Research in nanoelectronics and of course production of the smallest circuits requires absolutely pure water, so the interest is easy to understand, but sometimes it can still take a long time”, says Andreas Törnblom CEO of Type1water. At IMEC, Nanocap’s ability to purify water from certain chemicals and its ability to remove nanoparticles will be tested.

The ketchup effect

With the introduction of our new Whitepaper on measurement techniques and what particles can do, we see an increased interest in trying our Nanocaps. At the moment we have two waiting labs, one in Germany and one in the USA that are waiting in line to try.

More on this later.

Nanocap skickad till IMEC Leuven, Belgien

I dagarna har en Nanocap skickats till IMEC i Leuven. 

IMEC Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (IMEC) är en internationell forsknings- och utvecklingsorganisation, verksam inom nanoelektronik och digital teknik, med huvudkontor i Belgien. IMEC sysselsätter cirka 4 000 forskare från mer än 90 länder; det har många anläggningar dedikerade till forskning och utveckling runt om i världen.

IMEC är välkänt för sin expertis inom miniatyrisering och tillämpbarheten av nanoteknik i nya industrier. Alla de stora halvledartillverkarna arbetar med IMEC vilka anses vara världsledande inom nanoelektronikforskning.

”Vi har haft en lång relation med IMEC och man har hela tiden visat intresse för det vatten vi kan producera. Forskning inom nanoelektronik och givetvis framtagning av de minsta kretsarna kräver ett absolut rent vatten, så intresset är lätt att förstå men ibland kan det dock ta lång tid ändå”, säger Andreas Törnblom VD för Type1water. Hos IMEC skall man testa Nanocaps förmåga att rena vatten från ett antal kända kemikalier som ställer till problem för tillverkarna, men man kommer också att analysera Nanocaps förmåga att rena från nanopartiklar. 


Med introduktionen av vår nya Whitepaper kring mättekniker och vad partiklar kan ställa till med ser vi ett ökat intresse för att prova våra Nanocaps. I nuläget har vi två väntande lab, ett i Tykland och ett i USA.

Mer om detta längre fram.

Xzero now has three regular customers for Type1Water

Xzero now has three regular customers for Type1Water. It’s been word of mouth. We are updating the manufacturing facility and will start regular marketing of Type1water in September 2017.

New site for the sale of the reference water

Handling of nanoparticles is becoming increasingly important in the advanced nanoelectronics industry. Xzero has developed equipment that is especially efficient in separating nanoparticles.

We have therefore begun selling Ultrapure Water in bottles for reference use. Our first customer is Manta Instruments in San Diego, California. Manta develops new technology for measuring nanoparticles and has assessed Xzeros water as the best on the market

Xzero has launched this special domain ( for the sale of small quantities of reference water.