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Demo in Germany

The prototypes continue to serve their purpose, and one of them was sent to Germany to a company in the ultrapure water industry.

After evaluating some 15 potential manufacturers, both in Sweden and the EU, we have found a small number of suitable manufacturers. The company for this demo are building large ultrapure water systems for the process industry. The company is a member of a large European group of companies owned by a family with many generations in technology. The purpose of the demo was twofold. To see if the company could be the producer of the Nanocap, and also to see if the Nanocap would fit in the groups product portfolio. The group currently doesn’t have a labmarket UPW production unit as the Nanocap, and are therefore interested in expanding into this market.

The meetings and the demo went well. The interest from the company was solid. Unfortunately, shipping takes its toll on the Nanocap, even inside the purpose made heavy duty freight box, the Nanocap, which is a highly sensitive lab instrument suffered some damage. Damage was easily fixed and the loss of prestige limited.

In terms of manufacturing ability, there are a lot of synergies on their current field of expertise, even if the scale of the Nanocap is a lot smaller. In terms of sub suppliers and framework agreements, a lot of the components needed are also already in the orderbooks of the company.

Their marketing department was interested as well, and should during the summer months reach out to the other companies in the group to judge their own potential to sell the Nanocap.

To be continued..