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20 years in R&D for a new technology


Xzero is a Swedish company that has spent 20 years in R&D for a new technology for process water in the micro- and nanoelectronics industries.

However, solutions brought to the semiconductor market are frequently sought after by the lifescience industry, where nano-particle free type1water is considered an advantage.

Xzero have developed a low-cost solution that will remove nanoparticles better than state of art equipment. Our smallest equipment, the Nanocap, is often used as a standalone UPW system in laboratories where its small size, and its unparalleled quality output are considered attractive. 

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Third party tests

Third party tests on removal of nanoparticles have been done by The Royal Institute of Technology and Swedish Environmental Research Institute (Sweden), Clarkson University (US), Manta Inc (US) and Anton Paar (Austria). All tests have confirmed Xzero’s exceptional capability in removing nanoparticles from water.