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Nanocap sent to IMEC Leuven, Belgium

In the past few days, a Nanocap has been sent to IMEC Leuven.

IMEC Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC) is an international research and development organization, active in the fields of nanoelectronics and digital technology, with headquarters in Belgium. IMEC employs approximately 4,000 researchers from more than 90 countries; it has many facilities dedicated to research and development around the world.

IMEC is well known for its expertise in miniaturization and the applicability of nanotechnology in new industries. All the major semiconductor manufacturers work with IMEC, which is considered a world leader in nanoelectronics research.

“We have had a long relationship with IMEC and they have always shown interest in the water we can produce. Research in nanoelectronics and of course production of the smallest circuits requires absolutely pure water, so the interest is easy to understand, but sometimes it can still take a long time”, says Andreas Törnblom CEO of Type1water. At IMEC, Nanocap’s ability to purify water from certain chemicals and its ability to remove nanoparticles will be tested.

The ketchup effect

With the introduction of our new Whitepaper on measurement techniques and what particles can do, we see an increased interest in trying our Nanocaps. At the moment we have two waiting labs, one in Germany and one in the USA that are waiting in line to try.

More on this later.