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Nanocap test at imec

After only a few days of running the Nanocap in the lab at imec, we are showing some great result. The Nanocap is connected to a feed of imec ultrapure water. -“We are purifying their already pure ultrapure water”, says Miriam Åslin present at the tests.

Imec has an internal water purification system in the building to feed ultrapure water to their labs. The water is purified using legacy water purification technology, and they struggle with removing Silica, Sulphur and Phosphor to reasonable levels. Imec are well experienced in testing and evaluating water purification technology and states that no accurate measurement will occur until the tool has been rinsed for a month. This is common practice when measuring on this level. Most chemical molecules can be found in most places if your measuring equipment is sensitive enough, says one of the lab technicians at imec.

Ultrapure water at imec struggles will “high” levels of silica. High level in this case is 3-4 ppb. Part per billion. To make a comparison: “3-4 ppb” equals “3 mm compared to distance between Detroit and Boston”.

-“After only 2 days running, the Nanocap cut this 5 times to below 1 ppb which is great news! As is comes to sulphur and iron the leves are expected to go down over time. Imec is one of the leading research institutes for the semiconductor industry, why their endorsement would mean a lot to us”, says Andreas Tornblom, CEO of Type1water.