Buy a sample of the possibly purest water in the world!

20 years in R&D for a new technology


Xzero is a Swedish company that has spent 20 years in R&D on a new technology for process water in the micro- and nanoelectronics industries.

Xzero has developed a low-cost solution which will remove nanoparticles more efficiently than state of art equipment. The solution is scalable from 1 litre/ hour to several m3.

The Nanocap is developed, using the smallest unit of Xzero’s technology, to prove its power and simplicity. Companies interested in Xzero’s process equipment can now “try before investing” by purchasing a small unit harnessing the full power and simplicity of Xzero’s Technology.

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Xzeros Process Equipment

The idea

The basic idea is to recycle the water from waste water into Ultrapure Water. The most recent challenge has been to remove nanoparticles in order to make sure these are not spread in the environment and not enter the Ultrapure Water used in cleaning of the nanoelectronics.

Third party tests

Third party tests on removal of nanoparticles have been done by The Royal Institute of Technology and Swedish Environmental Research Institute (Sweden), Clarkson University (US), Manta Inc (US) and Anton Paar (Austria). All tests have confirmed Xzero’s exceptional capability of removing nanoparticles from water.