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The graph shows distribution in size for the Ag nanoparticles removed. As seen, even particles below the sizes of “killer particles” are removed.

Test with Xzero’s equipment for removal of sub-10 nanoparticles by Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

Ag+ nanoparticles

Liquid containing 3100ug/l Ag+, 5nm and larger. After Xzero no detection in three consecutive tests. Analysis with Atom absorption spectroscopy (AAS).Detection limit was <2ug/l.

Ag+ and AU+ nanoparticles

  1. Tap water spiked with Ag+ nanoparticles – 140mg/l with 80% 0,24nm particles and 20% 1-24nm particles. Result <0,1ug/l
  2. Tap water spiked with 100% 2nm particles at a concentration of 37mg/l Au+ nanoparticles. Result < 0,1ug/l

Test by Swedish Environmental Research Institute in June 2014 with HPLC. The results for nanoparticles have later in the year been verified by tests done with equipment with even more stringent detection levels.

Since these first test was made several tests have been made in co-operation with The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), ALS Global, Swedish Environmental Research Institute (SERI), Manta Instruments, Clarkson University and Anton Paar.
All tests have verified excellent results. The tests have been done with silver and gold nanoparticles to verify the technology and improve the practical implementation.

A program is underway in 2017 for testing of other types of nanoparticles such as polystyrene sphere nanoparticles, silica nanoparticles and other nanoparticles that are of interest in the industry. Since the method is not selective in regard to material or charge, it is expected that all nanoparticles will be removed in the same efficient way.

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