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3rd party water quality check

Samples drawn from long term testing of the Nanocap has been confirmed to be 1000 times better than the competition.

It is true, however, the quality of the analyses can be discussed. At the moment, only off-line analyses are easily available to us. Off-line analyses means bottling water at the source and sending it off to 3rd party for analyses. This method has the obvious drawback that any organic pollutant can grow uncontrollably before the time of measuring. (The standard for Ultrapure water states that water should be measured “on-line“, meaning measuring water at the source inside the process machinery.)

Still, the Nanocap water measured 1,35 µg/ litre after shipping to the US. The most stringent level for the semiconductor industry called “type1water” (where we got our name) specifies not more than 1,0 µg/l (on-line)! So we are almost reaching on-line levels with water stored in glass containers for weeks! – “That is remarkable!” – says Andreas Tornblom, CEO

Typical numbers for offline measurements by our competitors are around 1000 times higher – around 1mg/l.