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Advanced testing at imec

Based on continued good test results, Xzero is planning to build a larger Type1 unit for sophisticated testing at imec, the European centre for advanced nanoelectronics, imec

Xzero now has three regular customers for Type1Water

Xzero now has three regular customers for Type1Water. It’s been word of mouth. We are updating the manufacturing facility and will start regular marketing of Type1water in September 2017. Until then, of course, any new customers are welcome to place orders at the Type1water website.

New site for the sale of the reference water

Handling of nanoparticles is becoming increasingly important in the advanced nanoelectronics industry. Xzero has developed equipment that is especially efficient in separating nanoparticles.

We have therefore begun selling Ultrapure Water in bottles for reference use. Our first customer is Manta Instruments in San Diego, California. Manta develops new technology for measuring nanoparticles and has assessed Xzeros water as the best on the market

Xzero has launched this special domain ( for the sale of small quantities of reference water.

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