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Progress and not during summer

After successfully completing the long-term testing at our lab in Bromma, Stockholm, one of the Nanocaps were packed down and prepared for shipping to the US. During early spring the Nancoap documentation were finished to a level so that it could be incorporated in the legal documents that has been set up to support the usage of the Nanocap in the US.

“But I believe we underestimated the legal work involved in sending the Nanocap overseas, why it has taken longer than expected to sort it out” says Andreas. “This work has been going on all summer. We have good legal representation in the US so we will get there sooner rather than later I hope. Obviously we want to be 100% sure on what we are doing and who owns what, and who has the right to information, results, technology etc. One also has to specify everything that can go wrong and what will happen if it does, so it is a lot of work.”

More progress has been accomplished in the manufacturing field. Any day now we go into collaboration with a German high quality technology provider to optimize the Nanocap as a product.

“The purpose of the prototypes was to prove that our technology can be packaged into a desktop instrument that works and looks good, is user friendly and can produce the quality that we are known for. That is now accomplished.” Now it is time for professionals in serial manufacturing to optimize the product to cut cost, maximize robustness, and make sure that it is simple to manufacture. This is called DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) in product development language.

The word is spreading

Even without marketing we are receiving interest in the Nanocap from different parts of the world. We have received a handful of emails from businesses in both Asia and from the US asking about price, delivery time and other details. “This is very encouraging and indicates that there is a need in the market for the Nanocap”, says Andreas.