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Further testing at the Bromma LAB

As a result of the discussions with various serial manufacturers where they have shared their knowledge about components, functions, and the market we have decided to focus on two or three areas of improvement and conduct further testing.

These suggestions are fully in line with the suggestions Bosch came up with and now after meetings with multiple companies with great market knowledge climbed even higher on our priority list.

“Sometimes, an outside perspective is needed to identify the really low hanging fruit. In our discussions suggestion has come up that will simplify design and remove unnecessary components. Removing components will not only lower cost but will also remove something that can potentially fail”, says Andreas Tornblom.

We are currently in the process of finishing the specification for the serial production version of the Nanocap – we call it Generation 1, and in doing so we decided to perform some testing of these solutions. The solution shall first be tested in our lab in Bromma, and later in clean-room conditions.

The ambition is to fully test and implement these design changes in the unit that is going to Brussels, but we will see. Early product development sometimes tends to take two steps forward and one step back, so one can never be sure what has been accomplished to a certain date and time. Judging by the early progress last week, we will manage.