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Type1water takes part in the Lab & Diagnostics of the Future conference

More than any other industry, the semiconductor industry is pushing the limits of pure water. Node size is now down to 3 nanometre. In the manufacturing process a chip is washed more than 100 times by water. Any particle bigger than the node size can shortcut the chip and make it useless. Very high demand is put on the rinsing water.

Standards for LAB water used in Life- and Bio-science –are nowhere close. And these labs seem to be ok with it. Pharmacopoeia states that TOC content I WFI shall not be more than 500 ppb. Why?

I will argue that the limits for pure water in the life science industry is still set based on old technology. The limits were set after what the old purifying technique could manage. Why else is WFI 500 times more polluted than “Water for Chips”?

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